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Avenger Weed Killer Concentrate (55 gal. drum)

55 Gallon Drum. Avenger® Weed Killer is a non-selective, post-emergent organic herbicide that safely kills weeds, grasses and broadleaves. The active ingredient d-limonene (citrus oil) naturally strips away the waxy plant cuticle, causing it to dehydrate and die. Fast acting - visible results in less than 2 hours. Sprayed areas can be planted within hours. Does not stain brick, concrete or pavement. Can be used around Pets / Wildlife. Works in cool & cloudy conditions (as low as 40 degrees F). OMRI® Listed and WSDA Reg. Material.

Phosphate - Tennessee Brown Rock (1 Ton Tote)

Multiple Pallet/Truckload Discounts Available The Premier Natural Phosphate in the US: Cleanest, Least Expensive, Most available. Derived from washed phosphate ore. It is not a colloidal nor a hard rock but rather a unique reactive rock phosphate making it available now without requiring low pH's to release. One of the most beneficial and cost effective phosphate products available. Combine with Mycorrhizal applications for excellent for microbial stimulation and mycorrhizal formation on plant roots Excellent Calcium source: 20%. Contains over 50 trace minerals. Typical Analysis: 0-3-0. OMRI® Listed and certified for organic production and use.

Brown's Fish Hydrolysate 2-3-1 Liquid Fertilizer (55 gal. drum)

Brown’s Fish Hydrolysate is an OMRI® listed, highly nutritional, protein fertilizer made from only the freshest fish grown in cool, crisp mountain streams of North Carolina. It's packed with micronutrients and amino acids that soil and plants need. It's produced using a cold process, which uses the natural enzymes in the fish to digest the fish from a solid to a liquid.  Before the final packaging it's filtered again through a 120 mesh screen to ensure it's compatible with sprayers and drip irrigation systems.  The result yields a safe, stable and easy-to-use product.

Stylet Oil Fungal, Insect & Virus Control15 gal. drum

15 gallon drum Organic Stylet-Oil is a high purity base oil that kills powdery mildew on contact, controls plant feeding mite populations and is safe for field workers and the environment.

With its new advanced emulsification system, Organic Stylet-Oil uses only the safest inert ingredients on EPA's List 4, - but that's not all. Each component of Organic Stylet-Oil's formulation meets or exceeds "Food Grade Quality" standards making it a safe, environmentally friendly white oil formulation. Organic Stylet-Oil is one of the few tools that Homeowners, Professionals and Organic Growers have that can control certain fungal diseases, insects, mites, plus certain potyviruses - with a single application!

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