SuperCal 98G Pelletized Lime (Bulk)

SuperCal 98G Pelletized Lime (Bulk)
SuperCal 98G Pelletized Lime (Bulk)
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SuperCal 98G Pelletized Lime

Multiple Pallet/Truckload Discounts Available  SuperCal 98G is an OMRI Listed Calcium soil amendment derived from 98% pure calcium carbonate with 91% ECCE.98G is ground extremely fine to 100 mesh (the only way lime is really effective) and then pelletized much like dry fertilizer for consistent broadcast application. Pelletizing is the best way to put fine particles on the ground. This allows the calcium to become solublized much sooner for a faster soil reaction time after application compared to more traditional sources of lime. Eliminates soil acidity, creating the proper pH which is essential to the uptake of nutrients needed for plant growth. Stimulates microbial activity, reduces the need for fertilizers and promotes availability of zinc, copper and phosphorous. SuperCal 98G pelletized lime raises pH faster and more effectively than other lime products. Manage your soil pH with a product that really works.

SuperCal 98G is a full strength product ideal for Farms & Ranches, Agriculture Producers and Commercial Growers. 98G is ground extremely fine (the only way lime is really effective) and then pelletized much like dry fertilizer. The resulting product is easy to apply and means producers don't experience loss due to material that is too coarse or so fine that it blows away as can be experienced with agricultural lime. 98G pelletized lime is easy to handle, you can mix it with other fertilizers and it just costs less than traditional agricultural lime. Try it yourself before you buy. Go directly to Calcium Products' SuperCal 98G Calculator and plug in your numbers. See how much you'll save. Manage your soil pH with a product that really works, SuperCal 98G Pelletized Lime!

SuperCal 98G Benefits:

  • Eliminates soil acidity allowing the free flow of nutrients needed for plant growth
  • Supplies calcium, a vital plant nutrient
  • Stimulate microbial activity
  • Reduces the need for fertilizers
  • Promotes availability of zinc, copper and phosphorous
  • OMRI listed
  • Easy to use and easy to spread 

Agricultural and Grower Field Benefits:

  • SuperCal 98G Pelletized Lime is Clean Spreading. Since SuperCal 98G is spread with a floater and is pelletized, it stays where you put it and does not blow away in the wind. And the moisture content is less than 1% so you are not paying for "water weight" like you would with traditional agricultural lime.
  • SuperCal 98G Pelletized Lime Starts Making You Money the First Season. SuperCal 98G pellets breakdown rapidly and completely. You wait two or three seasons for agricultural lime to kick in. With SuperCal 98G you see increased yields the first year.
  • SuperCal 98G Pelletized Lime Eliminates Piles to Plant Around. SuperCal 98G is delivered in a tender. Agricultural lime is delivered by dump trucks and piled in your fields, causing soil compaction. If it rains or snows while ag lime is piled in your field, the pile may still be there until the next year.
  • SuperCal 98G Pelletized Lime Creates Less Compaction. Because SuperCal 98G is delivered in a tender and spread with a floater, there are no loaders or dump trucks wandering around your fields. This means less trips through the field and reduced compaction.
  • SuperCal 98G Pelletized Lime is Safe For Organic Growers. Our products are pelletized using calcitic lignin sulfonate which is acceptable worldwide.

Why Pelletizing is Best

Pelletizing is the best way to put fine particles on the ground. You get an even spread of pellets that break down with water.






    Photo of pelletized SuperCal 98G

At 400 pounds per acre of SuperCal 98G there will be a pellet every 1.5 inches on an acre of ground, with an average of 75,000 particles of CaCO3.

The Importance Mesh Size

Mesh or mesh size refers to to the number of open slots per linear inch in a grinding sieve.

Lime that is not ground to at least 30 mesh will not make a significant impact on soil pH.

98G is made from limestone that is 95% pure calcium carbonate, crushed to 100 mesh giving it an ECCE of 91%. The extremely fine, high quality lime is then granulated to ensure 100% reaches the soil to adjust pH! Remember most ag lime has an ECCE of only 50% while SuperCal 98G is at 91%.

The majority of AgLime is only 50% effective, due to poor quality and course grinding. The other 50% of the ton is composed of fine particles that are susceptible to drifting which can cut the effectiveness another 25%, leaving the grower with only 25% of what he paid for. Another way of looking at it is; 1 ton of 100 mesh lime will equally cover 200,000 square feet, or 4.6 acres. 1 ton of 30 mesh lime will equally cover 51,000 square feet or 1.2 acres. Due to the finer grind of 98G, it will cover 1 acre as equally with only one-fifth (200,000/43,560) as much lime as a coarse ground lime.

Fine lime particles react more quickly in the soil. Notice in the graph to the left how the 20-30 mesh sizes do not raise the pH very much and, it takes 18 months to reach their maximum pH increase. AgLime typically only passes 30-40% of 1 ton through the 60 mesh sieve, while passing almost 100% through the 8 mesh.

Pelletizing is the best way to put fine particles on the ground.

Remember: finer particle sizes cover more square feet. Material passing the 100 mesh will cover 56 percent more area than the material passing the 60 mesh. So when we say 300 - 400 pounds per acre, you know you are getting 85 to 92 percent coverage on every acre you spread, with no fine particles drifting away, no extra water, and no coarse particles which do nothing for your soil.


SuperCal 98G Pelletized Lime Data Sheet pdf

SEE FULL DIRECTIONS FOR USE ON PRODUCT LABEL. Always follow the instructions on the product label.

Always read and follow label directions for all products. Information here is not a substitute for directions on the product labels.


Always have a soil test completed before applying this product

Without knowing existing soil pH, or how much pH change is desired, we can only provide a general application reference. As a general reference, an approximate application rate of 400 to 600lbs. per acre provides a change of approximately 0.5 (1/2 point) change in pH. If you have questions on your specific situation, please give us a call or email us. Here's a list of reference guidelines

  • Optimum pH of 6.5 to 7.0: Up to 12 lbs per 1000 ft²
  • Mildly Acidic pH 6.0 to 6.5: 12-25 lbs per 1000 ft²
  • Moderately Acidic pH 5.5 to 6.0: 25-50 lbs per 1000 ft²
  • Severely Acidic pH 5.0 to 5.5: Contact us for recommendations specific to your situation.
  • Critically Acidic Lower than 5.0 pH: Contact us for recommendations specific to your situation.

SuperCal 98G Frequently Asked Questions PDF

Q: What is 98G?
A: SuperCal 98G is the highest quality pelletized limestone in the US. SuperCal 98G is made from finely ground calcitic limestone 98% calcium carbonate (CaCO3), mixed with a binder to produce a pellet. Because the CaCO3 is so pure and so fine you can use 300-400 lbs./a in place of one ton of ag lime.

Q: How can 400 lbs. of 98G equate to one ton of ag lime?
A: See table 1: The average particle size of 98G is smaller than 100 mesh. Therefore, 20% of 199,000 is 39,800 sq. ft., which equates to 91.4% of an acre. The average particle size of ag lime is 20 mesh. Therefore, one ton of ag lime will cover 36,000 sq ft., which equates to 82.6% of an acre.

On table 2, notice the fine particle size (98G) increased the pH in two weeks (100 mesh curve), whereas the ag lime curve (20-30 mesh) is fairly inactive for 18 months. In addition, 98G raises soil pH higher, faster and for longer then equivalent amounts of ag lime.

Table 1















Source: National Stone Association

Table 2















Source: Miller, R.W. and D.T. Gardiner. Soils in our Environment 8th Ed. p 272

Q: What is limestone?
A: There are two types of limestone. (A) Calcitic, which is CaCO3 (B) Dolomitic, which is Ca Mg (CO3). The addition of magnesium makes the difference in the two types. Dolomitic lime is very insoluble and takes a much longer time to work. It should only be considered on extremely acid soils or soils low in magnesium. To insure soils do not have too much magnesium you can use SuperCal 98G and/or SuperCal SO4 to reduce the magnesium.

Q: Is calcium the same as lime?
A: Calcium is only part of the formula for calcium carbonate (limestone) and the carbonate is the active part in the reaction that neutralizes the acid (low pH) found in soils. Calcium is left behind in the pH reaction and will seek out and attach to sites on organic and clay particulate in the soil, being available for plant growth needs.

Q: What is pH?
A: The measure of hydrogen in the soil is pH, which stands for potential Hydrogen. The pH test only measures hydrogen, it has nothing to do with calcium!

Q: How does buffer pH figure in?
A: The buffer pH is an indication of just how much lime will affect the soil pH. A high buffer reading usually indicates not as much correction will be needed than it would be if the buffer pH is low.

Q: How does 98G work?
A: SuperCal 98G is finely ground, very pure limestone or calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate will react in the soil to remove hydrogen from soil particles. The reaction creates water, carbon dioxide and calcium.

Q: Can I use more than 400lbs. of 98G if my tests indicate I need more than one ton of ag lime?
A: We don't advise using more than 800lbs. per broadcast application, due to infield variability. If you are using variable rate technology to apply SuperCal 98G rates as high as 1200lbs. have been used with outstanding results.

Q: What type of cultivation should I use to incorporate 98G?
A: We recommend using the type of tillage that you are finding fits your operation. No variation in tillage is needed.

Q: Can 98G be applied in furrow?
A: Yes. SuperCal is flexible in application methods. We have seen the great response from in furrow or banding when the product is applied in a "T" band. Rates are figured using the normal banding formula.

Q: Can I use 98G in my deep banding or strip-till operation?
A: Yes. We have seen satisfactory response to SuperCal 98G being deep placed. This can be done with or without accompanying fertilizer (dry only).

Q: Should I use 98G before corn or soybeans?
A: Using SuperCal 98G before either crop will produce satisfactory results. Application is usually determined by which crop receives fertilizer application and then applying at the same time or in the same application with the fertilizer. It can be impregnated at that time also. In some extreme situations, we have recommended putting on 400lbs. prior to corn and an additional 200lbs. prior to soybeans to hasten the relief from very low pH conditions.

Q: Can I apply 98G myself?
A: SuperCal 98G can be applied by any normal fertilizer equipment; it is possible to apply this product by yourself. It is, however, recommended you follow your dealer's recommendations, and often they are better equipped to apply this material along with your fertilizer, especially if you are considering the use of variable rate technology.

Q: What should I expect to pay for 98G?
A: Pricing for the product is set by our dealers, but typically cost between $9 and $11 per cwt. As you get further away from the plant, the increased freight will increase the price.

Q: At what pH should I consider liming?
A: Low pH creates 2 issues. First, is reduction of yield. Second, your fertilizer inputs are limited by pH.


pH 4.7

pH 5

pH 5.7

pH 6.8

pH 7.5



















At a pH of 5.7 you will lose 17% of your anticipated yield, 20% on beans and 58% of an alfalfa crop.















The bar graph represents the % of nutrients available to the plant at various pH levels. We recommend that you develop a program to keep your pH in a range of 6.5 to 6.8 for most midwest row crops.

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